Bus Seats Reservations System

Online Ticket booking system:

  • Integrated website ensure your online availability
  • Passenger can check availability by trip route name, time,date, Fleet name
  • Passenger can book ticket by himself
  • Online payment system available
  • Booking history automatically stored & recorded on system and adjust with scheduling

Fleet management system:

  • Transportation trade is always dependable on the capability to manage it’s scheduled fleet. We have designed every fleet management steps with our system.
  • Record your vehicle details, schedule, time, availability, seat no.
  • Manage every single ticket booking history related to your fleet
  • Track your agent & counter activities 24/7
  • Adjust your agent activities & make your fleet hassle free.

Trip management system:

  • Trip management is the important sector of transport business. There are more than 12 sections to make your trip easy to manage.
  • Record your destination, Station, details easily
  • Route details & trip time- scheduling
  • Assign your vehicle to a specific Driver, officer & track every details
  • Make your trip flexible

Counter & agent management system:

  • Counter officer’s, Agents are very important part of your business. Bus has integrated a system to track, evaluate the performance, daily activities of every officers & agent and taking result oriented decision.
  • Record Counter & agent details including their name, address, contact details etc
  • Evaluate agent performance
  • Get performance report on CSV, Excel or PDF file
  • We have “Agent action” option to manage every single details of counters & agents

Human resource management:

  • If you able to manage your workforce competently, possibility of your success is almost arise. We have designed “Human resource” option to manage your workforce competently.
  • Classified your employee according to their resignation
  • Maintain list of your employee by their resignation Driver, Assistant, Accountant, General Manager etc.

Payment, Price & offer management system:

  • A smooth payment system, ticket price and offer strategy help to satisfied your customer.
  • We include 3 different options to maintain your ticket price and offer strategy smoothly and paypal integration to experience the better user feedback.
  • Paypal integration to get instant online payment.
  • Price section to manage trip price according to passenger demand & discount calculation.
  • Offer section to customize your occasional offer with your daily finance

Financial Management System:

  • Without being expert in finance management, you can’t expect to get goal oriented result from business transaction.
  • We have designed account section to make expert in financial management.
  • Adjust your expense with your income
  • Get financial report at any time
  • Take proper decision based on your report

Website Integration:

  • There is proverb- “ In order survive, You have to come on online” We have integrated a beautiful responsive website to ensure your online presence.
  • Our website fully responsive & SEO optimized
  • Website make you closer to consumer
  • Having a strong position on SERP, Website make you stronger then competitor
  • Help in online service providing system

Instant Reporting System:

  • Reporting Section is an important module adjacent with Bus to make a transport trader the ultimate decision maker.
  • To get booking & schedule management report
  • To get fleet assigning report to the driver, officer and so on
  • Getting all important on-time basis report
  • All report are in CSV, Excel or PDF format and just in-one click